You may have decided to go with just a photographer, or maybe even a series of disposable cameras on guests’ tables.  You may feel that the photograph or the still digital image will be enough.  But, why would you seek to save money on one of the essential ingredients of your big day: the future memories you will hope to enjoy?

Your wedding video could be this lasting memory, this permanent record.  Sure, anyone can point and shoot nowadays and produce something akin to a home movie.  For obvious reasons of massive self-interest on our part, we want to persuade you that only a professional wedding videographer will do.  Ready: here’s our pitch!

A 360-degree view

You are one part of your wedding. You are the bride, the groom – or the parents of one or the other.  On the wedding day, you are going to be busy fulfilling your part in the events.  Stuck in the church or actually a part of the first dance.

Imagine: you are the groom, you miss the arrival of the bride in the car.  Sure – it is essential that you are stood at the altar waiting – but this means you missed the moment of that look on her face – the excited anticipation – the contented smile to her father – the reassuring hug.  This is strangely more important if you are the bride’s mother, who is seated in the church waiting… never under-estimate the importance of the mother-in-law and her needs!

In short, you are not around for the whole of your special day.  You miss the parts that other people see – and so a videographer can give you the movie of the day you might have otherwise missed.

Meaningful words

Photographs are great and do a job of capturing the faces of the people and the clothes that you wore.  These pictures can hang on the wall or be the screensaver on your phone.  It is pure magic to capture that look between bride and groom, and nothing could replace that photograph in your collection. However, they are a snippet – a moment – one-dimensional.  A wedding video by the best wedding videographers, can be something much more – it can bring voice to your day.

The most significant feature a video can provide are the words of your family and friends as they speak of you and your love for each other.  You will also capture the moments of the vows and the tone of your voices – maybe that nervous giggle.  A photograph might be worth a million words, but the impact of a video is beyond calculation.

And, then there is the music…

Your first dance song, the first date song, the first kiss song: all can be part of your wedding video soundtrack.  If you are the guy, then you can never have an excuse for forgetting the soundtrack to your love at the beginning of your life together.  If you are the girl, you can reminisce and cry a little at the tunes that mattered.  Or, vice versa, we should not be sexist here!  Men can get a tear too!

Not too expensive?

We understand that cost is your biggest concern.  The budget for a wedding can be pretty tricky and become the priority behind most decisions.  It could be a matter of choosing: do you have photographs or a video?

The temptation could be to ask one of your friends or family to do the video.  You are sort of, kind of, sure that they have a steady hand, but maybe not after a few complimentary champagnes.  They also want to be a part of your day too and might get too caught up in the events.

What if the option was between one professional or two professionals – it could be that your videographer could take your photographs too.  It is worth asking.

Alternatively, it could be possible to pull quality stills from your video.  There are always ways and means of achieving your perfect day – and the best wedding videographer will offer you options for your wedding video.

In short…

A wedding video is an essential part of your day.  This event is too important and the impact on your life too high to miss out on this crucial memorabilia.