Best venues for a wedding video: UK

Wedding videographers see a lot of wedding venues across the UK.  Some work in your wedding video and some make it difficult for us to film your day.  We know that wedding videos are not the reason to choose a venue, or so we have been told.  Therefore, as well as show you why our wedding videographers love these venues, we will tell you why you would like them too.

The Orangery in Cornwall

What great wedding videos need is amazing light.  When videographers and photographers, and any known visual artist in the country think of light in the UK, they think of Cornwall.  The place literally glows.  The colours are brighter and more profound – and the backdrops are usually visually stunning.

Why would you want to choose a wedding venue like The Orangery in Cornwall? Well, for some of the same reasons:  The scenery is spectacular all year round.  There are 865 acres of countryside in The Orangery grounds, and the building makes a dramatic backdrop to your vows.  Choosing The Orangery also gives you the chance to offer your guests a holiday feel, without the problems of organising flights to overseas beach-side destinations.  Don’t think it would be the same? Say that after you see the palm trees and deep blue ocean.

Mediterranean Chateau in Northumberland

Oh man! This place is a photograph every step you take.  It is not the impact of the whole that inspires our wedding videographers, it is the overwhelming sense of small details.  There is the beautiful, rich Mediterranean terracotta of the building and the Italian style frames and pergolas, topiary and gravel paths.   There is the fountain with a ring of fire.  It is a visually stunning destination.

The reason you will like this venue is that it is affordable while being luxurious.  We are told that deals in 2018 saw some couples getting a wedding deal for less than £3000 during the peak months between August and September.  And it’s a Chateau.  You can say you got married in a castle, without having to go into the tens of thousands for the experience.

Coombe Lodge in Somerset

There is something of Manderley about Coombe Lodge.  When deciding on sequences for a wedding video UK, or anywhere, you should consider the romantic stories they inspire.  Coombe Lodge is only a few miles from Bristol, but you will feel like you are hidden away in the country manor of a lord and lady.  We chose all our wedding venues because they are beautiful but affordable.  There are packages here that start at just £2000, and it is so easy to find and set in such a gorgeous landscape, which our wedding videographers love!

Drayton Manor Park and Hotel in the West Midlands

This last suggestion comes from the left field, but we are talking about a venue that our wedding videographers adore.  There are many chances for some gorgeous and romantic sequences in this fun fair.  There is also the chance to get the father of the bride on a rollercoaster.

In all seriousness, the hotel offers an affordable package, which the venue calls the Fairy Tale package and includes a suite for the newlyweds to stay overnight.  It might raise a few eyebrows amongst your guests but is that a bad thing? And, the wedding video will be amazing!