How wedding videographers learn to be the best

Like photography, there are those that inspire in the world of videography.  I enjoy following the work of the best wedding videographers in the world, as it helps to continue the development of my skills and knowledge.  I carefully follow the industry awards and look to the winners to see how they achieve the status of the best wedding videographers.  This is what I have learnt so far.

The ability to inject life into your wedding

The best wedding videographers give a life to your wedding that might not be captured in photographs.  Remember Megan and Harry’s wedding, when the trumpets sounded and the page boy’s face in the background erupted into the most amazing, beaming smile.  The mixture of sound and the instinct to know where to point the camera, this is what the best wedding videographers bring. 

I know that sometimes the skill is in pulling back from the camera and seeing the whole day unfold before you.  Yes, the face of the father of the bride as he gives his speech is moving, but maybe cut to the face of the mother of the bride when she is clearly remembering her own wedding day and why she married this man.  This is the life behind the wedding and something we see in the work of the videographer we follow.

In short, the best wedding videographers can tell a story of your day that reflects the life within the event.  It is part science, pointing the camera in the right place, and part art, feeling the emotion of the day.

A cinematic experience

The most talented videographers can make your wedding video into a cinematic experience.  They can style the video to be something you would expect to see from Baz Luhrman, or something more classic from the days of the black and white romance movie.  If they are particularly talented, they can adapt to your personality and they can create this filmic wonder while also being intrusive.  This is a challenging balance. 

Producing a wedding video of vision can mean that the bride and groom having stop and perform at times.  However, I feel that the video should emerge as a natural reflection of the day and not as a series of staged scenes – but it is a difficult balance to achieve.  The best wedding videographers do this with ease.

Using technology wisely

What I have discovered by observing wedding videographers of all abilities is that the more elaborate the equipment, the more they may be compensating for a lack of talent.  This is a general rule – and certainly not always the case.  However, the best wedding videographer will use the technology at their disposal wisely, both in production and later in post-production. 

There is a lot our I can do with certain cameras and sound equipment, and even more with a good macbook and video editing software.  However, the best wedding videographers know that these bells and whistles are only appropriate if the day demands it.  Sometimes moderation shows more skill and knowledge, as they sense the needs of the bride and the groom.

In short

From studying the best wedding videographers in the world, I have learnt that producing wedding videos is a mix of being unobtrusive, while at the same time building an excellent relationship with guests.  It is a matter of knowing how to use all the latest technology and knowing when it is not needed.  It is about feeling the emotion of the day and telling the story of the coming together of a bride and a groom.  It should be simple, but it is definitely an art form.