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Manchester Wedding Videographer

Covering Manchester, Cheshire, Lancashire and Beyond

My Love for Film...

Style and Approach

My passion is creating beautiful films that transform your wedding memories into a timeless, unique film. From every smile and every laugh, through to every tear and emotion, the films that I create will provide you with a compelling and precious keepsake that allows you to re-live your wedding day anytime you wish at the click of the button. Im based in Manchester and provide wedding videography nationwide.

I class the style of my work as 'documentary' which basically means I focus my wedding videography on the real moments of your special day. No arranging of unnatural poses or staging shots. I make every effort to capture the natural emotions that actually happen. I try to blend in as much as possible with your guests, so no big distracting camera equipment. The best way is to just forget that im there and Ill capture the memories that you will treasure forever.

The Power of Video

You may have decided to go with just a photographer, or maybe even a series of disposable cameras on guests’ tables. You may feel that the photograph or the still digital image will be enough. But, why would you seek to save money on one of the essential ingredients of your big day: the future memories you will hope to enjoy?

Your wedding video could be this lasting memory, this permanent record. Sure, anyone can point and shoot nowadays and produce something akin to a home movie. For obvious reasons of massive self-interest on my part, I want to persuade you that only a professional wedding videographer will do.

You are one part of your wedding. You are the bride, the groom – or the parents of one or the other.  On the wedding day, you are going to be busy fulfilling your part in the events. 

Imagine: you are the groom, you miss the arrival of the bride in the car.  Sure – it is essential that you are stood at the altar waiting – but this means you missed the moment of that look on her face – the excited anticipation – the contented smile to her father – the reassuring hug. 

In short, you are not around for the whole of your special day.  You miss the parts that other people see – and so a videographer can give you the movie of the day you might have otherwise missed.